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Commodity Trading Course

Commodity trading course is shortest and fast learning methodology. This course is specially designed to give basic and very important trading knowledge so that even a new bee can start trading and investing. This fast track course is

very popular, to make money commodity trading with highly accurately and with high success ratio.

Highlights of training modules

  • Why Commodity Market Trading ?

  • Price Action and Types of Charts

  • Candlestick and its Terminology

  • Supply and Demand zones and its structure

  • Trend, Fast and Correct Way To Find It On Chart

  • Advanced Trading Concept and how to apply it ?

  • Rules of Entry, Stoploss, Target

  • Planing Of Trade Well In Advance

  • Execution Of Trade

  • Risk Management and Managing Trade & Stress


Key Features : 
Easy, fast and effective strategy
Applicable to any kind of Markets
Useful for any kind of traders and investors
Generate your own calls

Duration : 
7 days (2 hrs/day)


Training Mode : 

Offline & Online (via Google Hangout)

Support :

Student can contact in​working days

during office hours


Price : 
Rs 15,000/- Only

 For more information or any query Contact us or call us @ +91-7990095418 during office hours

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