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Master in Price Turning Points

Price turning points are the locations from where price changes its direction that of earlier ones. These are the best location to plan trade because of certain advantages over conventional trading systems. It provides an edge to trading system as big money starts flowing from this zone. It provides low risk high reward as it reverse the price very sharply. It is the location where supply and demand gets imbalanced significantly. The complete training course provides depth knowledge about technical analysis with chart based trading and investment decisions provides high accuracy and very high success probability. 


There are different ways to analyse chart. Some are use technical indicators, oscillators, bollinger bands. The disadvantages are all indicators are either leading or lagging in nature. Meanwhile if you use multiple indicators on you charts, it creates confusion on trading decisions due to its different operation in nature. Many traders are use different theories like gann, dow or elliott wave, all theories are based on certain assumption and practically difficult to implement it specially for new bees. Hence many times you get trap and loose your hard earned money.

To avoid all these difficulties, we encourage our students to learn pure price action based trading. This training course is based on supply and demand imbalances. Supply and demand identification on chart is the key. It is the place where big institutions and big investors are enters and exits in particular instrument or asset class. Results, it increases odds to get highly probability trades. 

Join us and learn this easy yet very very powerful trading technique of finding price turning points. Complete rule based trading guidance will help to become disciplined and mature trader. Some of the main points what we learn to our students are as follows.

Highlights of training modules

  • Why Financial Market Trading ?

  • Price Action and Types of Charts

  • Candlestick and its Terminology

  • Price Turning Points (PTP), Structure of PTP

  • Trend, Fast and Correct Way To Find It On Chart

  • Information About Advanced Trade Setup (ATS)

  • Identification of Price Turning Points Based On ATS 

  • Rules of Entry, Stoploss, Target

  • Planing Of Trade Well In Advance

  • Execution Of Trade

  • Risk Management and Managing Trade & Stress

Key Features : 

Become independent professional trader 
​​Unique and powerful trading concepts
Easy and effective learning methods
Applicable to any kind of Markets
Useful for any kind of traders and investors
Be your own adviser


Duration : 

7 Days (2Hrs/Day)

Training Mode : 

Offline & Online (via Google Hangout)

Support :
Student can contact in
​working days during office hours

Price : 
Rs 18,000/- Only

 For more information or any query Contact us or call us @ +91-7990095418 during office hours

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